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About us

«Quality care for a growing population»

Our vision is summed up in just a few words, but its meaning is rich and diverse. A better world demands greater access to healthcare and better treatment for people across all national borders.

A story about new opportunities

Norveig Hospitals is the result of three heads being better than one. When a medical professor, an architect and a building contractor found each other in a discussion about tomorrow's hospitals, an opportunity arose to create them for people all over the world. And we’re already well on our way!

Work with Norveig Hospitals began in 2018, back then under the project name Next Generation Hospital. In our work, we conducted research into how our hospitals can best facilitate high recovery rates for common diseases in a typical local population. By always putting people at the centre of our business, we have developed Norveig into a state-of-the-art hospital concept that combines the best of quality care, healing design and medical technology.

During the process we have established links with a number of people who share a common desire to offer safe, comprehensive healthcare to more and more people around the world.

The Norveig team

A dedicated team

Our core team consists of a number of very knowledgeable individuals who take care of different parts of the process.

Kolbjørn Jensen_V2

Kolbjørn Jensen


Stavanger, Norway

+47 901 09 901

With more than 40 years’ experience as an architect and owner of several architectural firms, Kolbjørn was responsible for, and led, major projects in urban development, hospitals, churches, office buildings, hotels, sports facilities and housing. For ten years he was also a partner and part owner of Link Architects – one of Scandinavia's biggest architectural firms with expertise in hospital architecture. In recent years he has been busy developing the hospital of the future, today’s Norveig.

Kolbjørn is a dedicated, knowledgeable project manager, and new customers soon get to know him through working on situational awareness, mapping and the presentation of offers. With his excellent knowledge of the hospital construction planning process and the development of hospital buildings and concepts, Kolbjørn is an adviser who quickly inspires confidence and creates secure frameworks in any project group.

Staffan Smeds

Prof. MD PhD Staffan Smeds

Medical Director

Stockholm, Sweden

+47 901 09 901

Staffan has a long professional career behind him as a surgeon and researcher associated with several recognized medical institutions in Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. On a number of occasions he also provided medical assistance in field hospitals in Somalia, Lebanon and Kuwait. He has worked as a surgeon since 1974, and received his professorship in 2000.

Staffan is passionate about effective, safe treatment through outpatient surgery, the principle of rotating medical teams and clinics with basic health services that are equally affordable to build and operate. As Norveig’s medical director, Staffan provides advice and support in planning and operating hospital concepts. He is an experienced, committed professional with a wealth of valuable knowledge to offer.

Joel Olsson

Asst. Prof., MD, PhD, DEAA Joel Olsson

Medical Cooperation Manager

Stockholm, Sweden

+46-60-14 52 33

Joel began his medical career at the anaesthesiology and intensive care unit in Umeå (Sweden) in 1981, and has since acquired unique experience in this field. He has specialist qualifications in anaesthesia in Sweden, Norway and the UK, and has experience from recognized hospitals in several places in Sweden and a period as visiting assistant professor in Galveston, Texas.

Today, Joel is Medical Director of Education at the Department of Anaesthesia & intensive Care at Sundsvall Hospital in Sweden, as well as Medical Cooperation Manager at Norveig. The experience and knowledge he has acquired through medical practice and research constitutes a very valuable foundation for use in multiple ways in projects and meetings with partners. Joel is responsible for the organization of the medical equipment used in our concepts.

Janne Johnsen

Janne Johnsen

CEO Triple Panel Buildings

Stavanger, Norway

+47 408 82 646

Janne is a socially engaged, solution-oriented leader with extensive experience from political leadership and commitment, travel and governance. She is a volunteer and director of ‘Sykehuset i våre hender’ (Hospital in our hands) – a non-profit organisation that raises funds for medtech equipment, where she helped raise more than NOK 190 million for medical technology equipment for Stavanger University Hospital.

In her long political career, Janne has worked in fields ranging from schools to planning processes, transport, health and the environment/climate. Today, she is leading the establishment of the world's most sustainable building project – Triple Panel Buildings – in a number of initiatives around the world. Norveig’s concepts form an important part of this work, and Janne will contribute with her expertise along the way.

Per Steinar Lothe

Per Steinar Lothe

Entreprenør, Triple Panel Buildings

Stavanger, Norway

+47 906 51 288

Per Steinar's background as a contractor is long and distinguished. In 1967, he started in the Norwegian company Block Berge, today one of the country's leading contractors. For more than fifty successful years the irrepressible founder has not only created opportunities in Block Berge, but also Lothe Bygg and Lothe Solutions.

With professional pride, curiosity and innovation in his blood, Per Steinar used his knowledge of construction elements to set up Triple Panel Buildings. The method of moulding plastic waste into panels has already been used in several projects and has proved both sustainable and practical. Per Steinar lives partly in Norway, and partly in the Dominican Republic.

Advisory board

Provides help and support in the operational phase

We have set up a professional, knowledgeable advisory board comprising experts who can quickly address any questions or challenges that may arise in an operational hospital.

Per-Olof Nyström, General Surgery MD, Ph.D, Professor
Staffan Smeds, Ambulatory Surgery MD, Ph.D, Professor
Lars Adolfsson, Orthopaedic Surgery MD, Ph.D, Professor
Joel Olsson, Anaesthesiology/ICU MD, Ph.D, Senior Consultant
Davor Dergovic, Plastic Surgery MD, Ph.D, Senior Consultant
Henrik Smeds, ENT MD, Ph.D, Senior Consultant


Eva Uustal, Obstetrics and Gynaecology MD, Ph.D, Senior Consultant
Mikael Lorentzon, Family Medicine MD, Senior Consultant
Gunnar Wiklund, Radiology MD, Senior Consultant
Elvar Theodorsson, Laboratory Medicine MD, Ph.D, Professor
Per Ertzgaard, Rehabilitation MD, Ph.D, Senior Consultant


Get to know our dedicated partners

Our partners are internationally recognized and carefully selected for their specialist knowledge and performance of the highest quality in their specialist fields. With their expertise on the team, we are confident in our ability to deliver hospital concepts that everyone involved can be proud of.

Norveig partner Aiab energy
Norveig partner Cowab
Norveig partner Elektra
Norveig partner Olympus
Norveig partner Siemens
Norveig partner Stille
Norveig partner W. Gjertsen
Norveig partner Getinge
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